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Road Trip: Duck

Get inspired during a spring visit to the Outer Banks

by Anne Woodman


A lost colony, pirates, the first flight, lighthouses and an eerie moniker are all part of the history of the Outer Banks, a series of islands located off of North Carolina’s northern coast. In fact, its location as it stretches out into the Atlantic Ocean, as well as its wilderness, have made the islands ripe for firsts.



Kiddie kingdoms

Creating the ideal playset for your kids

by Jessica Mattison


Whatever name you give them — playsets, castles, swingsets, clubhouses or forts — outdoor play areas are the desire of every child and a staple in most Triangle families’ back yards.



Faces from the deep

Museum coordinator blogs about undersea mission trip

by Jonathan Pishney


In November, during a 15-day mission known as “Life on the Edge: Extreme Corals,” a team of researchers and educators explored new features found on seafloor maps from the Gulf of Mexico to northern Florida east of Jacksonville.