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Women's Health: To your health


Welcome to our inaugural Women’s Health special section, in which we asked area health care professionals to write about the issues they believe have the most impact when it comes to the fairer sex.



Lift weights like a man, stay lean like a woman


What if the secret to your discontent with your appearance is that you’ve been lied to? What if the people who were interested in taking your money were interested in doing so repeatedly? What kind of fitness program would they design? How about one that wouldn’t work?



Women and heart health: What you should know


Many women are unaware that heart disease is a more significant health threat to them than breast cancer. Educating women on their risk factors and ways to make lifestyle modifications can help reduce the risk of developing cardiovascular disease.



Tips for a healthy recovery from plastic surgery


The recovery process following plastic surgery differs from patient to patient, particularly when it comes to the type and number of procedures performed.



Why oral care is essential during pregnancy


Attention to oral health care issues is obviously important for all individuals but can be particularly critical for women during pregnancy.