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Exercise, rest, repeat

When it comes to working out, is more truly better?

by Betsy Collie


It’s easy to get brainwashed into thinking that more exercise is better in order to achieve fitness and weight loss goals, or that the more you exercise the faster you’ll achieve these goals. But that’s simply not the case.


Take weight loss as an example. If you want to lose weight, then you might be tempted to do some extra exercise outside of class. This is a common mistake. You can achieve results only if you can recover from your workouts.


Recovery is key, which is why it’s best to exercise every other day. Good nutrition also is essential. If you’re exercising regularly and aren’t noticing a difference in your appearance, then monitor what you put into your mouth. It’s that simple.


Here are three things that will reignite your progress if it has stalled.


1. Keep food consumption in check. Eat five small meals per day. Each meal should include protein, vegetables and a little bit of fat. Don’t make excuses. Just do it, and watch the fat melt away.


2. Get the most out of each exercise. Quite simply, do everything that you’ve been taught to do, and make each rep count. Go for quality over quantity here. If your form is slipping and your technique becomes sloppy, then you’re losing quality and are compromising your ability to perform the exercise. This can lead to compensation in the body, poor muscle memory and an increased potential for injury.


3. Get some rest. This is the most overlooked — and the most important — element of any exercise program. Don’t get caught in the trap of exercise for exercise’s sake. You are training for a goal. You will never see that goal if you cannot recover between sessions. Workouts are meant to provoke adaptation. Without rest and recovery, there is no adaptation. Adaptation equals results. 



Betsy Collie is owner of and head kettlebell instructor with Rapid Results Fitness in Durham. To learn more, call (919) 403-8651 or visit